TNB: the world’s first public chain to realize personal time storage and transmission

The emergence of blockchain technology not only promotes the construction of a self-operating social trust network that does not depend on third parties, but also promotes the value interconnection of the whole society. This is the reconstruction of the value transmission mechanism of the post-Internet era. The excellent application of blockchain + various industries based on cryptography will also stand out in the “chaos war” in the cold winter of blockchain as an emerging force.

TNB public chain: the world’s first trust network to realize time value digital transmission

As the world’s first time value transmission network, the TNB public chain is not a single blockchain technology, but an improvement to the existing time economy model. At present, the TNB public chain has been launched through the mapping of the main network, completing the construction of the TNB ecosystem bottom operating system, and forming a new set of self-owned digital linking scheme of user information, while also supporting the access of a large number of ecological applications.

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Due to the inherent advantages of blockchain technology, it is possible to confirm the data rights of digital certificates circulating in various ecological applications of TNB public chain. It should be noted that the blockchain itself does not have the pricing power for any target, and the price is the final evidence and traceability driven by various factors in the market. Secondly, the TNB public chain adopts the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism and the X.509 standard two core highlight technologies that conform to the TNB ecological development. The public chain uses this as an infrastructure to support various scenarios, talents, and complicated data in the ecology. Forming a digital chain, and through the market demand, the personal development and progress of potential talents to facilitate the transmission, matching and trading of digital time value, and ultimately achieve the appreciation of the potential value of potential talents.

In addition to the establishment of infrastructure, TNB has already realized the landing of the application scenario (MiaoA platform: Nasdaq of personal time). This landing platform is constantly innovating and exploring on the business model of personal time value transmission. In general, the vision and development philosophy of TNB project provide the blockchain industry with a key to innovative thinking and development bottleneck elimination. At the same time, with a new way of thinking, we can lead more ecology that can expand the territory of “time economy”, and establish a new way to use the time behind all things and potential talents as the digital circulation application.

TNB Public Chain: Accelerating Time Economic Digital Reform

The brand concept of TNB public chain can be said to be extremely novel. When it is committed to the application of digital technology and management to more time economic industries, TNB has been committed to the development of time value transmission with a low-key style. Combined with the blockchain technology, the time-based carrier-related value transmission is realized, and the shortcomings of the “time economy” in the post-Internet era are continuously compensated. Therefore, when the winter came, the development of TNB was not “frozen” and the innovation enthusiasm of the TNB team did not drop. Because TNB public chain has been equipped with mature technical means, efficient bridging model and safe and stable ecological structure, and has formed a positive circulation system of digital time positive circulation and efficient application through practice.

TNB’s concept of “digital time circulation” will affect more ecology and communities

It should be noted that the position of blockchain technology in the market is still in its infancy. This reality makes TNB not have the possibility to help the market achieve a truly large-scale ecological landing. However, from the overall strategic layout and development status of TNB at present, it has already prepared for the influx of various groups and participate in the ecological construction of TNB, and it will further promote the recognition and consensus of TNB around the world through the participation of community ecological builders.

Undoubtedly, blockchain is a new technology that can bring unlimited imagination to society. In the “time economy” field of blockchain technology, TNB, as the first in the digital time field, has never stopped moving forward.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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