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Dear TNB global supporters:

Thank you for your long-term attention and support to TNB. After a year of hard work, TNB Team has further developed and reflected on the blockchain technology, finally confirmed the mainnet consensus, and cleared up the mainnet testing data from June till now. The geneses node was restarted and the small-scale token swap is launched on TNB official website.

During the token swap, the TNB token (ERC20 standard) will be gradually replaced by the TNB token. Currently, the team is negotiating with digital currency wallets such as imtoken, etc. During the small-scale token swap period, please use the wallet provided by the TNB official to store and trade mainnet TNB to experience the technical features. The token swap in the entire network will be operated uniformly after the negotiation with exchanges and the digital currency wallets.

The launch of mainnet and token swap has a symbolic significance for the development of the TNB ecosystem. Not only means TNB is completely separated from Ethereum, has its own independent blockchain network, and community members participate in the construction of the TNB ecosystem, but also means that TNB realizes the time value definition and value transmission based on the underlying technology of blockchain. The design of X.509 helps users to create digital identities and swaps every individual to the TNB mainnet through a mature smart contract. Each person real identity and behaviour will be recorded on the mainnet and supervised by the entire network. So that the time value of the individual can be achieved to the maximum extent.

The blockchain has gone through a decade, from the currency trading of the 1.0 era to the Dapp of the 2.0 era, and to the value interconnection with decentralization of the 3.0 era. The emergence of blockchain has brought profound and great changes to this era. The ups and downs of blockchain industry in the recent year also made the team rethought profoundly. The TNB mainnet gives value to time, realizes the transmission of individual time value, and is committed to leading the development of the blockchain industry. In the first year of the project launch, the first Dapp (MiaoA) has been successfully launched.

The launch of the mainnet token swap is not the end of the TNB project, but an important milestone in the development of this project. TNB Team will devote more effort to the construction of the M.I.T ecosystem, optimize the mainnet technology continuously, improve the identity management, and establish the standard of time tokenization, let more Dapps and excellent applications join the M.I.T ecosystem, making the blockchain 3.0 not just a concept, but a real application for people’s lives.

The consensus mechanism of TNB mainnet

The TNB mainnet is using the PoW+PoS consensus mechanism. When the hardware performance is up to standard and the data solution may not be necessarily completed, which guarantees the rights of TNB holders to the maximum extent. Meanwhile this mechanism can also guide miners turn to PoS mining to a certain degree, reduce the competitive cost of the hardware for miners. PoS mining can ensure the market circulation of TNB is reduced. The mechanism not only guarantees the difficulty of the algorithm, but prevents the direct attack to the main chain from acquiring the Hash Rate, and improves efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety. Node mining can be based on the double dimension adjustments of Hash Rate and TNB holdings.

Mining reward

The mining reward will be established once the mainnet launched. The initial block reward is 12.5 TNB and 20% will be attenuated per 3,200,000 blocks. The total amount of block reward is 200 million TNB (the miner reward will be gradually unlocked from the locked position of the operation and maintenance, the total supply of TNB will not increase).

Token swap

TNB mainnet has opened the long-term token swap channel on official website. Because of the complex operation involved with tokenswap process and certain risks of the manual operation, you are advised to operate with caution. Users who are familiar with the token swap process or want to experience the performance of the new mainnet could participate in the token swap on the official website, and other users can wait for the token swap of the entire network, please follow the official platforms for the specific time.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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