TNB two major layouts, time-oriented connector and super tribe ecology

In the past year, blockchain technology and business scenarios have always been accelerated, and the industries that can give full play to the advantages of blockchain technology are more concentrated in core circulation value.

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TNB new mechanism, a double engine to increase the talent time value

TNB public chain, which is deeply cultivated in time economy, takes “digital time” value mining as a business-driven structural element. The core problem to be solved is to encourage and restrict each ecological subject in the public chain to form a positive recyclable supply and demand system. Taking human time resources as an example, it is an important development track for enterprises. The consumption scenes is spread in health, finance, celebrity brokerage, sports, high-end knowledge services, digital games, cultural and entertainment in a way of reasonable incentive mechanism, interaction rules, online standards, value-added programs, to promote a strong demand for cross-cooperation and energy release.

Opportunities for cross collaboration for talent markets

Over the past year, in order to realize the human resources diversification and specialization and inject new energy into ecological environment, TNB public chain is gradually deepening in the exploration and application of digital value circulation rules. Through the optimization and iteration, a strong linkage effect has been formed, which has further attracted the attention and participation scenarios in more fields. As the first blockchain time application system in the world, TNB public chain takes scarce human resources as the main line at this stage. From an open perspective, ecology has formed a set of mature and feasible bottom technology in digital value cross-flow, and the standard of deepening and reforming talents into the ecology, TNB public chain open characteristics of standardization, modularization, systematization and customization, and the following will continue to integrate resources in other fields.

Of course, in terms of the TNB public chain completeness, it also fully considers the relationship between supply and demand between talent and the scene. Therefore, through the voting mechanism, TNB need to take the market strong demand to the access condition. It is also further integrated into a more diversified exercise service scenario, which enriches and strengthens the application ecology ability.

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The opening of the TNB Super Tribes also brings a multi-channel reward, model innovation mature and feasible digital value application system developed by mode innovation and ecological DApp for the campaigning tribes and participating community users. It can be said that this strategic behavior, TNB will through the dual-drive “engine”, vigorously promote the high-quality integration and strong development of cooperation, with the goal of building a win-win situation, and further realize the steady construction of the time economy. With the continuous settlement of super tribes and the progressive and autonomous mode, all the users involved will witness the leap-forward progress of the time ecological community for the first time.

At present, the TNB Super Tribes has reached 308,879,802 votes, accounting for 11.2% of the total circulation. The enthusiasm and activity of the community members continue to rise. It can be seen that the global campaign of tribes will also play a crucial role in promoting the sustainable development and international layout of TNB public chain.

TNB Team

July 18

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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