TNB was Invited to Attend the Fourth BIMG Summit

On November 26th, the fourth Blockchain International Media Group summit hosted by BIMG was held at the Star Dream Cruises with the “new direction for blockchain” themed. TNB as one of the excellent projects was invited to attend the summit and TNB senior advisor Xiaowu Ji shared the value and vision of TNB. The summit aims to aggregate quality capital on the basis of project investment value and project application, explore the value of the high-quality project, and integrate industrial project investment and project application. The summit gathered thousands of representatives, top media, authorities and big names, and investment institutions.

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TNB senior advisor Xiaowu Ji delivered a speech at the summit. He introduced the core concept of TNB, the application, technology development, and future plan. From the tickets of the fan meeting to the Buffett lunch, the time has always been given a definition of value, and humans have been looking for the rules to define time. He believes the blockchain naturally conforms to the definition of time and has the features of irreversibility, transparency, etc. Since the creation of TNB, it has been committed to building a decentralized time-value transmission network and digitized the individual time value, realizing the sale, transfer, investment and consumption of the individual time.

TNB as the first time-value transmission network, not only has the practical mainnet but launched the first ecological product, MiaoA. Currently, the platform has listed some well-known people, Running Man from South Korea-Kim Jong Kook, boss of the blockchain-Laomao, famous footballer Paolo Maldini and Didier Drogba, etc. In the pursuit of the time value, TNB as a bold creator with continuous exploration and breakthrough innovation, the rules of “quantify” are getting clear and refreshing the definition of “time and money”. The launch of ATTS (Autonomous Talents Time Sale) is particularly significant. The international supermodel Victoria Varga issued 1.296 million seconds and sold out within 2 hours.

Speaking of the future plan, Xiaowu Ji said that TNB Team hopes to explore the diversified business scenarios through the extensive business cooperation, take each node as the source and incubator. TNB will become a comprehensive time ecosystem with the time value transmission as the core and integrate the needs of the whole society.

The summit provided a great opportunity for TNB to find potential business partners and raise global awareness, the value and vision of TNB have been widely recognized by the participants.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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