TNB will usher in a new era in 2019

5 min readDec 29, 2018

In 2018, the entire blockchain field went through the final journey in a wave of changes. In the past year, the idea of transmitting networks through personal time value attracts the most attention. From figurative items to the share of abstract time knowledge and so on, TNB pioneered the possibility of time quantification, liquidity and value-added through the sharing and creation of time, knowledge and other aspects.

TNB is the world’s first platform to achieve personal time value transmission. It is based on the sharing and co-creation of time economy in the context of blockchain.

The value of this model is that each person’s time can be quantified, providing a blockchain ecology of its own value for sharing and value addition.

The M.I.T Foundation decided to repurchase and destroy 100 million TNB

On December 26, 2018, the Foundation decided to use part of profits to repurchase TNB and destroy it in the near future. The amount of TNB needed to be destroyed in this time is 100 million, accounting for 2% of the total amount and 4% of the total market circulation. The total amount after the destruction is 4,415,707,418, and the market circulation is 2,492,987,802.

As we all know, TNB has always been committed to the transmission and construction of personal time value platform. Through big efforts of the core team, the public chain has been launched. Currently, the company is doing the docking work of the exchange and digital wallet payment. At the same time, the liquidity of industry has been recognized by the market through the value of ecological implementation. The destruction of TNB is another practice of the team to stabilise the currency’s price and to improve market liquidity. The efforts made by the platform for users and the market are to witness the fact that TNB team can develop better and longer under the bear market.

It is worth mentioning that the funds for the team’s repurchase are mainly from the revenue of TNB ecological application “MiaoA” and related departments. This not only reduces the market liquidity of TNB, but also contributes to the sustainable balance between supply and demand in the long run. At the same time, it shows the strength and determination of the platform. After the currency destruction, the platform will continue to work hard to link more scenarios and serve more fields with safer and more practical ecological applications.

Xiaowu Ji, senior consultant of TNB, looks forward to 2019: New Opportunities for TNB Strategic Planning

TNB senior consultant Xiaowu Ji gave to the community members an ideological and spiritual feast around the TNB’s strategic development in 2019 at TNB Chinese Telegram group.

In this share, Xiaowu Ji gave important information in terms of both market improvement and technological change.

1.Establish an important fulcrum under the new ecological strategy: TNB Super Node

In terms of market improvement, the platform will establish a complete personal digital time management solution. In 2019, the company will start the construction and continuous optimization of Super Node campaign, continue to accelerate the global expansion of time trading platform, plan to build time trading platforms in at least four countries in line with national conditions throughout the year, plan to link 150–200 valuable DAPP scenarios into the ecology of TNB, ensure the full promotion and application of the platform’s core concepts and visibility.

As for the construction plan of TNB Super Node, Xiaowu Ji said that all major decisions of TNB in the future will be decided by community votes. 20% of the 1 billion TNB of this plan will be used for mining rewards, the total amount is 200 million coins. The initial block rewards are 12.5 pieces of TNB and each 3200000 block is attenuated by 20%. In order to ensure the interests of all TNB holders, the amount of TNB held by holders at each stage is lower than the target value, and users will not be able to compete for the accounting rights.

At the same time, 60% of the 1 billion TNB will be used for Super Node rewards. For contracts on the TNB Main Chain, community users who support the Super Node can vote their idle TNB into the contracts and increase the ranking of Super Node, so as to obtain benefits and rewards. In the course of a week, the Super Node with the most votes will receive additional TNB rewards. The rest of TNB will be used for operations, maintenance and security reserves. Please follow TNB’s official website for details. It is worth mentioning that in the plan of the Super Node rewards, not the top node will have a big return, but the fastest-growing node will have the most return.

The number of TNB super nodes will be 15 in the first phase. Currently, there are more than 10 companies with clear intentions to join us, which are mainly media from well-known communities, exchanges and self-owned communities. The planned number reached 21 nodes in half a year and reached more than 28 nodes in the whole year. The estimated reward period is 6 years.

2.TNB wants to create a TNB ecosystem where everyone can create, share, and participate.

In terms of technological breakthroughs, the platform will continue to promote the effectiveness, security and practicability of the main chain application while promoting the upgrade and reshaping the time value system. At the same time, we should optimize the voting mechanism of super nodes, support ecological application facilities and improve developer community documents, so as to add new value to the implementation of block chain + time economy industry. Based on the migration and transformation of ETH and other projects, the most important upgrade direction of TNB in the future is the attempt and application in the main chain.

At the technical level, the platform makes use of the features of decentralization, non-tampering, openness and transparency, consensus and trust of block chain technology to promote the tracking and implementation of information such as time-chain assets and sharing of right.

In terms of value growth, the platform kernel derives and emphasizes the effectiveness and growth of each subject’s time value by relying on huge and rigorous data algorithms, mining rewards, and super node election ranking, etc., so as to help people build up their practical ability to reasonably manage time and rationally increase time. Therefore, the creation of TNB not only promotes the connection of information and value between people, but also further promotes the growth and effective connection of time value behind individuals.

To sum up, TNB’s circulation and application of time value not only improves the application ability of time economic ecology, but also empowers diversified development of individual value. At present, the precipitation and commitment of TNB also illustrate the pursuit and ambition of TNB as a block chain application with initial results.




TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T) for building a precision time-value based transmission network.