TNB win the “Blockchain Innovation Value Award” at the 2019 Fintech Blockchain Summit

On September 8, 2019, TNB was invited to attend the “Fintech blockchain Summit” hosted by News Finance, BLOCK GLOBAL and Engine Capital, which opened grandly at Four Points by Sheraton Curitiba in Hangzhou. In addition, with the theme of “Seeing the Future, Application as the King,” the summit focused on the innovative applications of digital assets and blockchain, and sought to speed up the direction of digital economy and the real economy. More than 200 investment institutions, 300 media platforms, 500 projects are invited to participate, covering 10, 000 people in the industry, from a variety of angles to bring cutting-edge information for the industry.

This summit will exchange and share topics from the forefront of the blockchain industry, the current situation of application, to the guidance and supervision of digital monetary development policies, as well as the future of industrial integration and looking forward to the future. It brings development energy and brand-new thinking for the application and development of blockchain technology.

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TNB was invited to attend the “Fintech Blockchain Summit” and won the “Blockchain Innovation Value Award”.

At this summit, TNB, as the world’s first star project to achieve both public chain and ecological applications, is based on its innovative and practical spirit of the development and construction of DApp in the field of blockchain, honourable won the “Blockchain Innovation Value Award.”

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The award marks the further recognition of the technological innovation level and ecological application capability of TNB time value transmission network in the field of blockchain. It also indicates that the process of “blockchain + time” in digitally enabling multiple scenes has become mature. Moreocer, it also represents the continued advance of TNB to the layout and extension of diversified industries in the field of blockchain, which provides a better support for TNB to promote the close combination of public chain and ecological DApp and create a new round of competitive strategy.

TNB continues to enhance its digitization capability and will enable “blockchain time” to the world.

At present, in the development of DApp, TNB has formed a set of mature governance system based on the commercial application of “blockchain time”, and has joined forces to increase the time digital application of ecological DApp, particularly in MiaoA. In the strategic trend of multi rigid demand scene to realize digital time circulation, it has won the recognition and favor of the market. In the future, TNB will push forward the ecological strategy again, promote the public chain structure to be intensive, refined and integrated step by step, and continue to add code to the application of “blockchain + time” in more scenarios. At the same time, the development and extension of multi enterprise DApp, it will strive to win more market dividends in the field of blockchain.

TNB Team

Sep. 9

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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