TNB With Blockchain Technology, Creating A New Highland Of Time Value

Blockchain in the process of digital monetary assets development after frenzied hype, will eventually calm down. And the developers who really hold blockchain technology can achieve industrial optimization and the commercial value-added logic are still moving forward. It is believed that the dawn will gradually rise after impetuous retreat.

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TNB Public Chain Advantage

In order to resist 51% computational attack, its mainnet finally adopts PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism. That is to say, TNB public chain is one of the earliest one in blockchain industry to transform into a hybrid mechanism.

First, TNB public chain enhance user participation. The PoW+PoS mechanism will be more beneficial to the participants of the community. What’s more, it can also balance the shortcomings of a single mechanism to promote the real decentralized management in public chain. Miners may not be able to quickly calculate eligible hash values when hardware performance is up to standard, which allows community users to vote through their currency rights, maximizing the rights of TNB holders. Finally, the community self-control is realized.

Second, TNB public chain reduce market liquidity

The mixed consensus mechanism can guide miners to PoS mining to a certain extent and reduce the cost of hardware competition, the advantage of PoS system is to effectively ensure TNB market liquidity reduction.

Third, TNB improve the security of the main chain. PoW+PoS will further enhance the difficulty of the main network algorithm, which is to effectively avoid attacking after obtaining pure computing power. That is to say, the mine pool will only be used as a BP to provide services for community users, and will not become an actual system controller, which effectively safeguard community user’s rights and interests. More importantly, under the premise of ensuring security, PoW will also improve the performance and efficiency of the main network after with PoS mechanism. At the same time, mining can also be adjusted in two ways according to the calculation and TNB holdings, which can further bring more benefits to TNB holders.

TNB Public Chain Advantages in Commercialization

In the field of blockchain, the main chain is the infrastructure and underlying operating

system in commercial application, and its value is inestimable. As a result, in the year of 2018, TNB mainnet launched, TNB mainnet swap started to land one after another, which will also have a leap-forward milestone for TNB ecology development.

First of all, TNB mainnet launched and its swapped means that TNB project has completed the transformation from Token to Coin, separated from the token status of Ethernet ERC20, and has its own independently running blockchain network. In the processing of transaction, network security, ecological construction, TNB mainnet in its efficiency and performance are greatly improved, and community members can better participate in TNB ecology.

Secondly, TNB realizes the value definition and individual time transmission in the network efficiently based on the blockchain bottom technology, which meets the TNB ecology needs. With the help of the technology of TNB mainnet, potential individuals will be able to create new wealth in order to achieve social value promotion.

Finally, the X.509 standard can effectively help users create personal digital identity, and swap each individual time to TNB mainnet in a way of mature intelligent contract, network-wide confirmation and supervision. Finally, the information of subject’s real identity and behavior records can be realized so as to maximize the personal time value.

Therefore, the reason why TNB can move forward in the cold winter is that its model not only activates the original silent user energy, but also brings “shared time” industry into a new stage of application.

TNB Team

April, 10

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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