TNB won the annual investment value project award of GBLS global blockchain

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On January 6, 2019, the year-end ceremony of the global sleepless blockchain industry leader was held at the Bulgari International Center in Hangzhou, sponsored by GBLS, a well-known conference brand in the blockchain industry, and co-hosted by bitcoin digital and GLAB. The organizers invited 1000 big names, 2000 medias and 3000 businesses to gather in Hangzhou to announce the “Annual Value List”. As the outstanding project party, TNB team was invited to attend activity and win the annual investment value project award of GBLS global blockchain.

The “Global Sleepless Blockchain Leadership Summit Annual Value Ranking” was initiated by GBLS. The participating companies cover more than 20 international cities in North America, Europe and Asia. GBLS leads 100 top academic experts and 1000 industry leaders from around the world to jointly create the “PBTI model” of the first value evaluation system of the blockchain. GBLS conducts comprehensive evaluation from four dimensions of product, brand, technology and investment, selects annual value items, and establishes the vane of blockchain ecological value.

TNB is the first public chain project in the world that quantifies and adds the value of individual time based on the block chain technology. It has established a new standardized incentive system and realized the sharing and co-creation of individual time value in the market. Not only that, TNB has implemented the ecological application while committing to the ecological construction in the field of blockchain. That is, the MiaoA digital time trading platform has understood the concept of “Nasdaq of personal time” through the continuous exploration of the operation mode and has realized the commercial realization under the blockchain technology. Its innovative technical concept, efficient and rigorous team work style and achievements have been highly recognized and affirmed by many experts in the field of blockchain.

In terms of technology, TNB public chain adopts a safe and efficient PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism, and the mining is adjusted in accordance with the two dimensions of calculation and TNB holdings. In addition, the TNB public chain also adopts the x.509 standard based on the core concept to create digital identities, the anonymous and real-name co-existence projects for individuals or organizations with identity authentication requirements. The characteristics of the TNB public chain have realized the quantification and appreciation of personal time, and played an absolute leading role in the process of influencing and promoting the individualized construction of personal time.

This award once again proves that TNB has been widely recognized by the public for its achievements made through team efforts in realizing the subversion and upgrading of personal time.

In conclusion, under the shadow of the bear market, TNB deserved the award of annual investment value project of global blockchain. In any field, there is always a need for a group of excellent preachers to stand out and illuminate the road of the industry with their own strength, for they are hope, dawn, and the future of the industry. TNB will always adhere to the original heart into the future

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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