TOPMETA 101 Guide on NFTs for Investors

  • INVESTMENT AVENUE : if investment is taken into consideration, one of the prominent medium is through an NFT marketplace, like TOPMETA which provides an easy-to-use online portal where investors can browse NFTs that have been created by other users and then purchase them if they wish. since NFTs are based in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, you will need to obtain a cryptocurrency and wallet to purchase and store your NFTs. Here at TOPMETA our native currency used to facilitate transactions is $TNB token, with this token you have full rights to what ever option you desire.
  • AN INCREASE IN VALUE : One of the main appeals of investing in NFT art is the potential value increases that may occur over time. A prime example of this is CryptoPunk 1422, purchased for $74 back in 2017. However, BusinessInsider recently noted that the NFT was sold in October 2021 for an incredible $2 million. This example highlights the potential that many NFTs have for dramatic price appreciation.
  • Access to Exclusive Bonus Content: Investing in NFTs doesn’t just provide investors with a cool piece of art or music, it often includes scope to attain exclusive bonus content. There are many examples of this, although a prime example is when NFT collection creators will invite owners to events or provide additional NFTs via Airdrop.
  • Can Support Creators: You may wish to purchase the best NFT to invest in so that you can support a creator that you’re a fan of. NFTs have proven to be a fantastic way for creators to publish work and for fans to show their support by buying the work.
  • Easy to Display Ownership: Since NFTs are ‘non-fungible’ by design, many NFT owners will display their assets as their profile pictures on social media. This highlights to others the prestigious NFT that they own and the NFT cannot be copied because ownership is solidified through blockchain technology.



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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.