Unveil the “Mystery Tribe” of TNB Super Tribe, strengthen diversified development

Singapore time, on July 16, 2019, the “Mystery Tribe”, serve as a member of the TNB Super Tribe with constantly attention in the industry, is officially lifted its veil. That is HashFin. HashFin is a professional Staking ecological service organization, which dedicated to the public chain of POS, DPOS and other consensus mechanisms. Moreover, based on the Node Capital, HashFin is committed to providing one-stop asset storage and management services for exchanges, investment institutions and digital asset investors to achieve a more secure, transparent and efficient operating mechanism. From the Staking field, it is also provide mainstream and high-quality public chain projects that adopt POS and other consensus mechanisms.

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HashFin focus on Staking ecological service, will bring efficiency breakthrough for the TNB public chain

To be sure, Staking is accompanied by blockchain gradually move forward commercial era, but also a POS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism under the special action. Compared to POW (Proof of Work) with low throughput and security but high energy consumption, HashFin relies on node capital, and its strong Staking ecological service will effectively activate the public chain ecological incentive mechanism, enhance the confidence of holders, and create a new situation for the sound time economic market development by circulation deflation. The security and performance of TNB public chain are improved by leaps and bounds.

Secondly, TNB ecology is driven by the core of DApp, interconnection and application development as a terminal support. The advantages of Staking will also meet the TNB ecology diversified needs, support the POS and shorten the cycle of consensus to further help TNB ecological multivariate scene development and parallel connection.

Lastly, HashFin focuses on the Staking mining with POS consensus mechanism. By the integration of public chain POS features, it will also better help TNB super tribe to development in an orderly and sound way. At the same time, under the premise of highly recognizing the concept of TNB development, the POW+POS dual framework and TNB ecological community autonomy governance, Staking will also shoulder the relevant responsibilities for the integration of ecological resources, community governance, and security. Of course, linked with key node in blockchain, the integration of the capital power of industry resources, the HashFin will also bring new growth momentum and development path for the TNB ecology.

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At the same time, HashFin has been involved in the TNB Super Tribes Campaign in mysterious status. HashFin has already brought powerful traffic to the TNB Super Tribes, and has attracted a large number of coin-bearing users to guess and vote. Therefore, HashFin TNB commitment to the way of time value blockchain business applications, and both parties also will bring infinite possibility for TNB big ecological construction. More importantly, after the news was released, HashFin ushered in the high-activity voting peak of community users with its prominent identity. According to the TNB super tribe’s official website (http://bloc.tnb.fund/#/), HashFin has so far topped the TNB super tribe’s voting list with a total of 113,164,891 votes.

It is believed that HashFin will focus on providing professional Staking services for POS, DPOS and other public chain with consensus mechanisms. In the development of the integration of node capital resources, HashFin will jointly strengthen the powerful resource advantages of large-scale community construction, transaction asset management, security technology operation and maintenance, media declaration, capital injection, etc., form a strong alliance with TNB, commit to the sustainable application of time value blockchain commercial applications and bring new opportunities for the construction of TNB’s big ecology.

TNB Team

July 17

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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