Xiaowu Ji successfully running for a DOGE Community Decision-making Committee member

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On September 6, 2019, Singapore time, Xiaowu Ji of TNB senior adviser and MiaoA CEO, ran for the second session of “DOGE China Community Decision-making Committee Election” launched by OKEx and DogeChina. With rich personal experience and innovative ideas in the field of blockchain, Xiaowu Ji has officially become the new member of the DOGE Community Decision-making Committee. After that, Xiaowu Ji in accordance with the committee governance rules to exercise the decision-making right over the major events in the community, the control over the donated assets, and the right to encourage returns and give priority to cooperation.

Xiaowu Ji deeply promotes the first cooperation with DOGE.

Focus on both community autonomy and consensus.

This time, Xiaowu Ji deeply promoted his participation in the election of DOGE community decision-making committee, which is the first major breakthrough for the two sides to achieve win-win cooperation. In the future, the both sides will have a long-term and deep interaction in the aspects of community autonomy, scene extension, technology research and development, new technology application, innovation development and so on.

Of course, with the innovative cooperation gene of TNB team, its mature and feasible “blockchain time” system will also bring diversified scene resources and core technology to the DOGE community. At the same time, DOGE’s high activity, and a large number of fans, the high popularity of mainstream resources, a large number of supporters and the feasible experience of community self-operation can also bring sustainable development vitality to TNB community.

It is believed that under the strategic expectation that the dual sides will give full play to their respective ecological advantages, promote community co-construction, learn from each other’s mainstream business, and steadily enhance market activity, and the diversified integration models will also stimulate their respective ecological vitality to release more dividends and benefits for both community members.

Several senior veterans launch DOGE community committee election.

Xiaowu Ji won easily with his hard power.

It is worth mentioning that the initiator of DOGE community comes from senior executives, experts and doctors in the block chain field, financial market and Internet industry, who will jointly help the development of DOGE community to usher in a new chapter. At the same time, as the time in the field of economic “veteran”, since the Xiaowu Ji through years of continuous cultivation in the field of Internet has several traffic capture bonuses, the Internet and even the entire blocks of certain niche in the industry chain of outstanding pioneer, at the beginning of the Xiaowu Ji involvement DOGE community committee elections. Therefore, in the early days of Xiaowu Ji’s participation in the DOGE Community election, the media have predicted that in the election of 15 of the nearly 50 candidates selected by the DOGE Community Committee, Xiaowu Ji will be “on the list” with his hard power.

About DOGE coin

DOGE coin was born in 2013. It is a digital asset with high security based on the mature scheme Scrypt algorithm and mixed mining mechanism of LTC. Its application scenario is the “tip” prevailing in American culture. At the same time, because it also has charity cultural attributes, entertainment, popularity and stagnation signs, it has become a unique existence in the blockchain field, so it is rapidly becoming popular and popular around the world. The number is second only to Bitcoin’s second-largest digital asset, and the transaction confirmation time is 1 minute, which is faster than Bitcoin.

TNB Time value transmission network

As the world’s first public chain to promote time digital commercial applications, TNB has always been the focus of DApp development and construction, and continues to promote the transformation of traditional time to digital, and has formed a complete decentralized system under the “blockchain time” governance system. Among them, DApp MiaoA took the lead in achieving strong performance, becoming the most representative ecological application in the TNB public chain, and played an absolute main role in the blockchain time consumption scene. Secondly, the consensus logic based on the “POW+POS hybrid consensus mechanism” will ensure the security and prosperity of the community ecology, and combine the core technology highlights of the “X.509 standard” digital identity to further guarantee the orderliness and effectiveness of the ecological community management.

Xiaowu Ji said that the participation in the DOGE community decision-making committee is a team and individual’s affirmation and support for the comprehensive strength of DOGE community, dogecoin development potential, application scenarios, market influence, etc. In the future, the strategic direction of establishing comprehensive cooperation is in progress, the team will continue to exert its scientific and technological innovation and capacity enhancement in the field of blockchain technology research and development and offline pass certification, and jointly build consensus on the orderly construction of the community, highlighting the strong innovation strength of TNB and the initial intention of the company.

TNB Team

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T) for building a precision time-value based transmission network.