Xiaowu Ji, Z-Turn to business empire

All ones lifetime, accompanied by four seasons, such as spring flowers and autumn moon, summer rain and winter snow, whether it is long or not, however, many people descend to mediocrity, but some people choose to extraordinary. This may be the choice to go forward recklessly after knowing the truth of life. Only in this way can we get out of a broad road that is different from everyone else. And Xiaowu Ji is such a person, as he said, “toss some, by the way, this may be more than you really go to make money to gain more.”

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Xiaowu Ji, a tossing man

Xiaowu Ji, MiaoA CEO and TNB senior advisor, as a serial entrepreneur and investor, has rich management and investment experience. In 2003, he was a contributing author of Tsinghua University Press and published computer-related books. In 2006, he co-founded Fen Yu China (Entertainment Portal) and acquired at more than $100 million a year later. In 2009, he established HONKWIN company. In 2010, he began to participate in angel investment. In 2013, he founded Kuaiyue APP as a first Taobao of time industry in China, earlier three and a half years than Alibaba’s product. In 2014, he co-founded Ai Tou Venture Capital and participated in Internet investment with the help of their own rich experience. In 2015, he joined Wuhan Chamber of Commerce as Vice President and became a partner of its investment company. In 2016, he co-founded MiaoA as CEO, it is the world’s first company to overture traditional time service model and valued at $3 billion in half a year later. Thus it can be seen that through many years of continuous hard work, Xiaowu Ji has captured several traffic dividends and is an outstanding pioneer in some subfields, even the whole blockchain industry.

On the other hand, Xiaowu Ji’s own tossing life began in 2006. He likes to do things that others have not done, as he said: “someone else do pretty good, i do not want to follow.” Because he not only likes innovation, but also likes to develop himself on the unknown road.

Up to now, many projects founded by Xiaowu Ji can be called innovative applications with great potential. He has commented on the road from “plagiarism” to “innovation” of Chinese science and technology enterprises by foreign media. With several first application in the world, Xiaowu Ji has contributed to the pioneering spirit of China’s science and technology industry. He has revealed this innovative gene since his bones, but also to do what others unwilling to do for the purpose, out of his “tossing” work style.

Not only that, Xiaowu Ji is also a well-deserved workaholic. He is pragmatic, seeks efficiency and breakthrough, and often gets up in the middle of the night to do his homework and find directions for a new idea, so that the next day can smoothly carry out the implementation and improvement. Xiaowu Ji said that since 2004, the average daily working hours are about 13 to 14 hours. Perhaps it is because of this “toss”, he may have such an extraordinary life track.

At the end of 2016, Xiaowu Ji led the strategic layout and talent exchange of blockchain technology in the field of time economy. He noted that, the layout is not to take advantage of the blockchain, but to enhance the ecological environment in a complex business environment can be high-speed application, but also the necessary strategic means of ecological sustainable development. Xiaowu Ji never goes with the current trend, he always knows what he wants, so TNB came into being!

Time value transmission network will digitalization

As the first time value transmission network, TNB is one of the earliest public chain in blockchain industry. Its main network is based on the “PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism” as the consensus logic to ensure the security and prosperity of the community ecology, and combined with the “X. 509 standard” core technology to further meet the TNB ecology development.

In the field of blockchain, the public chain is the infrastructure and the underlying operating system. In 2018, the continuous landing of the main network and the token swap also has a great-leap-forward milestone significance for the TNB ecology. At the same time, TNB has completed the transition from Token to Coin. Therefore, TNB has realized the further optimization and reform with the new system.

In order to against the computational power attack, TNB public chain adopts the “POW+POS consensus mechanism”, which can effectively increase the user participation, reduce the market liquidity, and further improve the security of the main chain. Under the premise of ensuring security, it will also improve the performance and efficiency of the main network of a single POW. At the same time, the action of mining can also be adjusted in two directions according to computational power and TNB holdings, which can bring more benefits to TNB holders.

Why time digitalization?

Xiaowu Ji said that everyone needs to rely on time to create value. Therefore, time can serve the market as a new digital payment scenario. The full name of TNB is “Time New Bank”. TNB hopes to realize its application and practice in business scene in time economy.

Born laborious life

Xiaowu Ji’s himself is a natural laborious life, once let him stop, it will be like a broken puppet emptied. And perhaps it is the kind of life that makes him constantly toss and create today’s achievements. Of course, Xiaowu Ji’s team also contributed a lot, he is very grateful to those who fought side by side with him.

“In my definition of life, people just have to do something great.” “Do some great things, and make some money by the way.” this is Xiaowu Ji’s wise saying since his career. Xiaowu Ji uses his own experience to tell us that tossing is successful, life depends on tossing. This is how Xiaowu Ji tossed out of his own business empire.

It is understood that TNB also plans to release a new popular product to meet you in the near future. I believe that in the spirit of innovation, the new will also become a hot topic to attract keen attention, let us wait and see.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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